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Great Essays

How America became the love child of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump    1,240 words    by Lynn Stuart Parramore    Reuters

‘Grow up’ and stop taking naked photos of yourself, police tell revenge porn inquiry   435 words   by Guardian Staff   The Guardian

Boston Review’s Top 20 Poems of 2015    229 words    Boston Review

Can talking about music add to our understanding of it?   895 words   by Lawrence Kramer    Aeon

The data or the hunch    5,116 words   by Ian Leslie   Intelligent Life

What your music format says about you    2,465 words    by Joel Oliphint    Pitchfork

Tales of a Warmer Planet   1,500 words    by Curt Stager    The New York Times

The best short story collections — from childish gabbling to jaded nihilism    1,003 word    by Ysenda Maxtone Graham     The Spectator

100 years of general relativity – and why it matters     1,797 words     by Bernie Hobbs     ABC Science

33 books everyone should read before turning 30    by Drake Baer and Richard Feloni    Independent

How to Talk to Children About Terrorism    985 words    by Pamela Druckerman    The New York Times

Terrorism has come about in assimilationist France and also multicultural Britain. Why?   1,441 words   by Kenan Malik    The Guardian

Life Upon These Shores    2,675 words    by Lavelle Porter    Poetry Foundation

Splat goes the theory. Local and organic is a romantic myth   3,053 words   by Louise O Fresco    Aeon

If the zombie apocalypse happens, scientists say you should head for the hills   690 words   by Kevin Loria   Tech Insider

Selinunte: Site of ancient massacre yields the secrets of a lost Greek city    1,287 words    by David Keys    Independent

The Strange Persistence of First Languages   3,524 words   by Julie Sedivy   Nautilus

Bojo is as Bojo does: how Boris Johnson killed the art of satire    863 words    by Will Self     The New Statesman

Humans of New York and the Cavalier Consumption of Others    2,157 words    by Vinson Cunningham     The New Yorker

The Mysteries of Habit   1,463 words   by Professor David Hellerstein    Psychology Today

Russia and the Curse of Geography   1,495 words   by Tim Marshall    The Atlantic

Rhetoric of Tony Abbott and Tony Blair is morally bereft    1,125 words    by Waleed Aly     The Sydney Morning Herald

What Really Keeps Women Out of Tech    1,302 words    by Hanna Barczyk    The New York Times

Why war crimes charges now extend to the destruction of ancient monuments    909 words    by Belkis Wille and James Ross   Reuters

Nature Studies: Fewer wasps to swat is a sign of an ecosystem in serious trouble   728 words    by Michael McCarthy    Independent

The Troubles Are Back: Peace in Northern Ireland   907 words   by Eamonn McCann   The New York Times

How Coca-Cola has tricked everyone into drinking so much of it    2,381 words    by Roberto A. Ferdman    The Washington Post

German reunification 25 years on: how different are east and west really   1,379 words    Kate Connolly    The Guardian

Before you look at another photo of Tiger Lily Hutchence, think about this    817 words    by Van Badham    The Guardian

Matt Damon is right    1,072 words    by Brandon Ambrosino    The Boston Globe

How the smile shook off its bad reputation   1,034 words   by Amruta Slee   Radio National

Wake-up call: help your teenage students see the importance of sleep    736 words   by Judy Willis    The Guardian

Inspiration overload on social media prompts rise of ‘demotivational’ movement    1,260 words    by Jill Stark    The Age

Why don’t you ever see baby pigeons?    1,136 words    by Henry Nicholls     BBC Magazine

Stolen Lives: The women vanishing without a trace     1,535 words     by Nina Lakhani     BBC Magazine

Can Surfing Reprogram the Veteran’s Brain?    3,717 words    by Matt Skenazy    Outside

Understanding Empathy   707 words    by Steve Taylor    Psychology Today

‘Super-Henge’ Revealed: A New English Mystery Is Uncovered    749 words    by Elizabeth Palermo    Live Science

11 Secrets Of Irresistible People    823 words    by Travis Bradberry    Forbes

Why Does Sleeping In Just Make Me More Tired?    727 words   by Nick Stockton    Wired

How Social Media Is Ruining Politics    1,054 words     by Nicholas Carr     Politico

Google logo: Why do businesses change their typeface?    495 words    by Harry Low    BBC Magazine

Born to Run and the Decline of the American Dream    739 words    by Joshua Zeitz    The Atlantic

The Trick to Acting Heroically   833 words    by Erez Yoeli and David Rand     The New York Times

So What? What it means to leave ‘so’ dangling at the end of a sentence    958 words    Julie Beck    The Atlantic

The power of language holds the code to hurt    848 words   by David Leser    Sydney Morning Herald

Why French Women Wear Scarves    1,590 words    by Susan Sisko Carter    Huffington Post

Russia’s resurgent love for Josef Stalin    1,275 words    by Mansur Mirovalev    Aljazeera

Work Hard, Live Well    1,056 word    by Dustin Moskovitz     Medium

How travel changes your personality   768 words   by Ben Groundwater    Traveller

A Chicago teen shares the anxieties of a life on the verge    257 words     by Anne Ford    Chicago Reader 

Back to school with poetry   Resource    by The Editors    Poetry Foundation

Five Basic Rules for Getting Along with Anyone, Anywhere    1,291 words    Susan Krauss Whitbourne    Psychology Today

Is Turkey Creeping Toward Civil War?    3,205 words    by Maximilian Popp and Christoph Reuter    Der Spiegel

Hiroshima      Long Essay     by John Hersey     The New Yorker

What Does the Voting Rights Act Mean Today?    959 words    by David A. Graham     The Atlantic

Horses’ Facial Expressions Are So Much Like Humans   669 words    by Abby Haglage    The Daily Beast

The ‘Jungle’ migrants of Calais: a day in their life     1,352 words     by Matthias Blamont     Reuters

Great Britain’s Immigration Debacle    754 words    by Tim Montgomerie    The National Interest

I can tell you how Adam Goodes feels. Every Indigenous person has felt it    1,363 words    by Stan Grant     The Guardian

Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice    1,455 words    by Naomi Wolf     The Guardian

How atom-smashers make and discover new particles    700 words    by DJP    The Economist

Why Tejay Van Garderen Made the Right Choice to end his Tour de France      530 words    by Adam Roy    Outside

China’s stock market is falling again, and it’s a huge problem for the government    600 words    by Timothy B. Lee    Vox

When the US president travels, the world stands still    1,022 words    by Tara McKelvey    BBC Magazine

Astronomers discover most Earth-like planet yet    416 words     by Irene Klotz     Reuters

If Guns Make Us Safer, Why Not Let Them Into the U.S. Capitol?   1,226 words   by Josh Zeitz   Politico

More children are in poverty today than before the Great Recession     987 words    By Laura Santhanam and Megan Hickey    PBS Newshour

Each time I start a job, I dread the day I’ll have to tell them about my mental illness   1,230 words   by Anna Spargo-Ryan   The Guardian

The ‘Busy’ Trap    1,508 words    by Tim Kreider    The New York Times

When Is a Planet Not a Planet? Arguments for and against demoting Pluto    3,326 words    by David H. Freedman    The Atlantic

When Dropping Out of School Is a Deadly Decision   1,072 words   by Alia Wong    The Atlantic

The unseen Charles Dickens essay on Victorian poverty that no-one knew he had written    3,470 words    The Independent

What It’s Like to Be Gored at the Running of the Bulls    2,215 words   by Olga Khazan    The Atlantic

Eight things we’ve learned about Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman    1,200 words    by Alice Vincent    The Telegraph

Traces Of The Turban    1,213 words    by Samantha Weinberg    Intelligent Life

Science Shows What Meditation Really Does to Your Brain    405 words    by Jon Levine     .Mic

Stop buying in bulk – you’re wasting food and money    897 words    by Eric Holthaus     Mother Jones

Your brain is like a wad of paper    705 words    by Adrian Cho    Science Magazine

The Norwegian Town Where the Sun Doesn’t Rise    2,979 words    by Kari Leibowitz    The Atlantic

The Best Albums of 2015    883 words    by staff writers    The Telegraph

Greece explainer: What the financial crisis means    1,522 words    by Nick Miller     Sydney Morning Herald

Why isn’t my life full of the fun I see on Facebook?    724 words     by Mariella Frostrup     The Guardian

Here’s How Fast Politicians Are Now Fleeing From the Confederate Flag    1,364 words   by Allie Gross    Mother Jones

Reenacting the Battle of Waterloo    Pictorial Essay     by Alan Taylor     The Atlantic

DNA Deciphers Roots of Modern Europeans    1,293 words    by Carl Zimmer     The New York Times

Why Is MERS So Contagious?    1,096 words    by Adrienne Lafrance      The Atlantic

Why India and Pakistan are enemies    1,405 words    by Nisid Hajari     Slate

Conservative Action: The battle over race preferences at Harvard    3,045 words   by Joan Biskupic     Reuters

What Do People Say on a Good First Date?     870 words    by Rosie Cima     Priceonomics

What It Was Like to Glimpse John Nash’s Beautiful Mind    921 words     by Maurice Ewing    The Huffington Post

Bill Gates: The most predictable disaster in the history of the human race    2,920 words    by Ezra Klein    Vox

Will Gaudi be made a saint?    1,848 words    by Jo Fidgen and William Kremer     BBC Magazine

Writing Is the Process of Abandoning the Familiar   747 words    by Joe Fassler    The Atlantic

The Art of the Poster   701 words    by Steven Heller      The Atlantic

How to be an intellectual   1,101 words   by Marina Gerner    The Times Literary Supplement

British magazine publishes new portrait of Shakespeare     395 words    by Stephen Addison     Reuters

Pretty ladybirds are disease-ridden cannibals    849 words    by Henry Nicholls    BBC Magazine

Al Pacino: Being an outsider is part of being an artist    3,019 words    by Stephanie Rafanelli    The Telegraph

Reality Bites: Daniel Bryan, Adam Rose, and Heartbreak in Pro Wrestling    2,071 words    by The Masked Man    Grantland

Mercedes-Benz C 111: The supercar that wasn’t    344 words    by Dan Carney    BBC Magazine

16-Year-old Mikhaila Nodel spreading a message of body positivity & self-love through art    988 words     Women you should know

Struggle Street sparks heated debate and smart question from school student   842 words   by Neil McMahon    Sydney Morning Herald

The Achievement Gap: I excel at everything I do. I assumed my daughter would too    935 words    by Rachel Simmons    Slate

Happily never after. How digital storytelling revives the ancient art of gossip     2,400 words    by Katherine May    Aeon

Culture Shock. What happened when an anti-Semite found he was Jewish?    914 words   by Nick Thorpe   BBC

My Secret Life as Big Bird: The Dark Past and Sunny Days of Caroll Spinney    1,608 words   by Kevin Fallon     The Daily Beast

What Black Moms Know   1,164 words    by Ylonda Gault Caviness     The New York Times

If you don’t speak French, how can you judge if Charlie Hebdo is racist?    872 words     by Robert Mcliam Wilson     New Statesman

Whose hair are you buying?     960 words    by Lara Prendergast     The Spectator

Supreme Court hears historic same-sex marriage arguments     903 words    by Mark Sherman    PBS Newshour

What Nepal’s Earthquake Left Behind      A visual essay      by Alan Taylor       The Atlantic

The Pulitzer Prize Scam     1,170 words     by Jack Shafer      Politico

What’s Behind the Surge in Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean Sea    Visual essay     The New York Times

India still no rival to China’s super powers    1,060 words    by Peter Hartcher    Sydney Morning Herald

‘I wish my teacher knew’: Teacher’s third grade assignment goes viral online   396 words    by Keith Coffman   Reuters

Where Are the Teachers of Color?   1,071 words    by Motoko Rich     The New York Times

The Reddit question no one should ignore: at what age are girls sexual targets?   724 words    by Kasey Edwards   Daily Life

Pope Calls Killings of Armenians ‘Genocide,’ Provoking Turkish Anger   1,307 words    by Jim Yardley & Sebnem Arsu     New York Times

A guide to California’s water crisis — and why it’s so hard to fix    6,580 words    by Brad Plumer    Vox

Coachella 2015: 25 Must-See Acts    1,057 words    by Rolling Stone     Rolling Stone

Imagining a Post-Coal Appalachia     3,825 words     by Alana Semuels     The Atlantic

What do American Pie’s lyrics mean?     1,615 words    by James Morgan     BBC

A book lovers dream hotel—you’ll never want to leave   669 words    by Chris Kitching    Daily Mail

The Biggest Industrial Boom in U.S. History    1,115 words     By Roger Mola    Air & Space

Scared Senseless: The Indie Horror Boom and What Frightens Us Now    2,277 words    by Mark Harris    Grantland

Writing My Way to a New Self    1,069 words    by Hana Schank     The New York Times

‘Pretty Woman’ normalizes something that destroys lives    812 words    by Donna Gavin    The Boston Globe

Bad Thinkers. Why do some people believe conspiracy theories?    3,300 words    by Quassim Cassam    Aeon

French Parliament Debates Weight Standards for Fashion Models   1,151 words    by Alissa J. Rubin    The New York Times

What Gender Inequality Looks Like in Collegiate Sports    2,059 words    by Terrance F. Ross    Atlantic

Photo essay: Life inside a juvenile detention center for girls    by Mike Fritz    PBS

Who Lives and Who Dies?  Important lessons from decades of global health care    7,462 words     by Paul Farmer    Slate

A Visit from Tech Support for Hillary Clinton    790 words     by Kelly Stout   The New Yorker

Five more mysteries for the Large Hadron Collider to solve    1,402 words    by Stuart Gary   ABC Science

How luck works    2,100 words     by Carlin Flora    Aeon

The lavish lifestyle of India’s royalty    1,499 words    by Rupa Jha    BBC Magazine

What a Neuroscientist Said About Eminem’s Brain   467 words   by Claire Landsbaum    New York Magazine

Upward Dog: What man’s best friend can teach us about being content    909 words   by Ian Frazier   Outside

Fact-checking grandma: The internet is rife with myths, scams and hoaxes   2,596 words    by Lyz Lenz    Aeon

Boris Nemtsov: thousands march in memory of murdered politician    1,076 words    by Alec Luhn and Shaun Walker    The Guardian

The Art of Science Learning     948 words    by Maywa Montenegro    Seed

Earth-like Planets Might be Rare After All   398 words    by Dirk Schulze-Makuch     Air & Space

How to Develop New Antibiotics: The bacteria are winning     1,026 words    by Ezekiel J. Emanuel     The New York Times

The 5 Most Powerful Empires in History    2,164 words   by Akhilesh Pillalamarri    The National Interest

Oscars 2015: Secrets of the limo drivers    1,244 words   by James Bartlett    BBC Magazine

A Moment of Austerity: Neoliberalism in the Metro of Athens     1,140 words     by Gregory Jusdanis     Berfrois

We’re Testing Children on the Wrong Things    1,380 words    by Anya Kamenetz    New York Magazine

Israel must acknowledge its own atrocities for peace to be possible    1,648 words    by Michael Kinsley     Slate

The Legend of Chris Kyle    8,280 words    by  Michael J. Mooney    D Magazine

Understanding Kim Jong Un, The World’s Most Enigmatic and Unpredictable Dictator     1,174 words    by Mark Bowden    Vanity Fair

The bull whose semen is worth $3,000 a shot    1,139 words    by Soutik Biswas      BBC

Uncle Sam and the Illusion of Privacy Online     717 words    by Adrienne Lafrance    Atlantic

Atticus Finch Is My Law Students’ Hero    905 words   by Thane Rosenbaum    Slate

Hundreds of Private Jets Delivered People to Davos. Also, It’s Climate Change Day at Davos   563 words   by Eric Holthaus   Slate

Graduation Wisdom: Speech by Billy Joel (1993) at Berklee College of Music     Best Speeches

Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids    1,249 words    by Lisa Sanders    Reuters

The Problem With Those ‘Feminist’ Super Bowl Ads    938 words    by Ann Friedman    New York Magazine

I don’t believe in the God that Stephen Fry doesn’t believe in either   755 words   by Giles Fraser    The Guardian

Peter Greste: Al-Jazeera journalist freed by Egypt   744 words   by Gary O’Donoghue    BBC

I Would Never Ask An Audience To Put Their Hands In The Air Were I Not Willing To Do The Same   780 words   By 2Fresh   The Onion

Scott Kelly’s Year in Space     2,630 words    by Guy Gugliotta    Air & Space

Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?    824 words   by Joe Nocera    New York Times

Project Blue Book: US Air Force UFO documents revealed    865 words   by Debbie Siegelbaum    BBC

When Women Become Terrorists    845 words    by Jayne Huckerby    New York Times

The Kenyan dance taking nightclubs by storm   443 words   by Charlotte Pritchard and Manuel Toledo    BBC

Meet The 80 People Who Are As Rich As Half The World   438 words   by Mona Chalabi    Five Thirty Eight

Kaleb Whitby can’t believe he’s alive after 26-vehicle pile-up   671 words    by Peter Holley   Washington Post

The music in you: You might not be a virtuoso, but you have remarkable music abilities    3,300 words   by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis    Aeon

A Country Where Teachers Have a Voice    1,476 words   by Sarah Butrymowicz   Atlantic

Charlie Hebdo fallout: Specter of fascist past haunts European nationalism   1,676 words   by Jacob Heilbrunn   Reuters

The good zombie: The new zombie still eats brains, but it can think, emote and even fall in love   2,000 words   by Davia Sills   Aeon

What It’s Like Living in the Coldest Town on Earth    1,972 words   by Jenna Garrett     Wired

We can defend Charlie Hebdo without endorsing it    727 words   by Jeff Sparrow      The Drum

Shooting the Jesters    1,490 words      by Anthony Lane     The New Yorker

Charlie Hebdo’s Most Controversial Religious Covers, Explained     by Miriam Krule      681 words    Slate

Madonna’s New Trolling Technique    683 words   by Spencer Kornhaber   Atlantic

Why don’t more moderate Muslims denounce extremism?   654 words    by Marc Schneier   The Washington Post

The secret to a happy life – courtesy of Tolstoy      1,205 word   by BBC New Magazine

Putin’s great gamble is about to backfire    1,143 words    by Anne Applebaum     The Spectator

Just Plane Ugly: Courtesy is dead. The plane is its graveyard      1,107 words     by Frank Bruni    The New York Times

The Cutthroat World of Elite Public Schools    909 words     by Alia Wong       The Atlantic

How to stay calm and be successful: LinkedIn gives workers 14 top advice posts   465 words   by Patrick Begley    Sydney Morning Herald

Mexico, a criminal country    1,601 words    by by Rafael Barajas and Pedro Miguel    Le Monde

Why I’m Giving Up My Passport    904 words     by Jonathan Tepper    The New York Times

The Power in Writing About Yourself     1,262 words     by James Hamblin     The Atlantic

Scientists scammed at least 110 academic papers into publication using fake peer reviews   1640 words   By Susannah Locke    Vox

America’s Aging Nuclear Arsenal and the ‘Earth-Shattering Kaboom‘  1,244 words   by Ryan Faith    Vice News

Google Glass review: useful – but overpriced and socially awkward    1,308 words   by Samuel Gibbs    The Guardian

The Met and Other Museums Adapt to the Digital Age   2,853 words    by Steve Lohr    The New York Times

Quentin Bryce says it is up to men to confront domestic violence    708 words    by Joshua Robertson    The Guardian

Break Out Your Relaxed Jeans, It’s Dad Rock Season    1,307 words    by Bruce Handy    Vanity Fair

Six feet under: meeting Britain’s Gravedigger of the Year    657 words     by Xan Rice      New Statesman

The Jihad Cult: Why Young Germans Are Answering Call to Holy War    Long Read     By Spiegel Staff       Der Spiegel

Michael Clarke is hurting as much as anyone over Phillip Hughes tragedy   1,326 words   by Andrew Webster    The Sydney Morning Herald

The Thanksgiving Recipes Googled in Every State    334 words   by The Upshot Staff    The New York Times

Are all the ants as heavy as all the humans?    726 words    by Hannah Moore   BBC Magazine

Charles Darwin’s notebooks go digital    1,923 words    by Cambridge Staff       University of Cambridge

Meet Hawaii’s Scott Harding, the Most Interesting Man in College Football    1,453 words     by Michael Weinreb    Grantland

The Struggling Gen X: Sandwiched between boomers and millennials    694 words    by Jackie Crosby    Star Tribune

Valley Boys: Where are Tech’s Women?   869 words    James Surowiecki    The New Yorker

The Car Every Rapper and Investment Banker Wants for Christmas    386 words    by Brett Berk    Vanity Fair

The Kids These Days Know More Than You Probably Think     601 words    by Kevin Drum    Mother Jones

42 Maps that explain World War II     by Timothy B Lee     Vox

Ireland’s Cold War: The episodic struggle over the power of the Catholic Church   1,073 words   by Henry Farrell   Boston Review

“Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Was Terrible the First Time and It’s Terrible Now   582 words   by Aisha Harris     Slate

Lost youth: The teenage soldiers of World War One   1,415 words    by BBC staff      BBC News Magazine

Putin waging information war in Ukraine worthy of George Orwell    1,168 words    by Lucian Kim    Reuters

Back to exams rather than university assessment   961 words   by George Morgan   Sydney Morning Herald

The First Landing on a Comet    699 words     by Tony Reichhardt      Air & Space Magazine

Understanding the cult of My Little Pony    3,403 words    by Lisa Miller    New York Magazine

Building Berlin’s Wall helped avoid a nuclear confrontation   999 words   by Nina Khrushcheva    Reuters

When the Berlin Wall fell: The scene in Berlin 25 years ago    Digital Essay     Reuters

After the Virgin Galactic Crash: The Future of Space Tourism    1,706 words   by Alex Heard    Outside

Florida’s Shipwrecks: Museums in the Sea    1,213 words    by Franklin H. Price    Diver Magazine

Hunger, filth, fear and death: remembering life before the NHS    2,308 words   by Harry Leslie Smith    The New Statesman

A Woman Had a Place, and It Was Not Out Practicing Law     1,014 words   by Pamela Colloff    Texas Monthly

Rehearsing for death: A teacher on the lunacy of lockdown drills   1,227 words   by Launa Hall    The Washington Post

What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?    1,157 words   by Kevin Roose    New York Magazine

How Gary Patterson Built College Football’s Most Prolific Offense at TCU    2,751  words    by Matt Hinton    Grantland

Why Millennials &%#@! Love Science   963 words    by Alexandra Ossola    Atlantic

Fashion Senses: fashion and the five senses    844 words    by Rebecca Willis    Intelligent Life

How the West buys ‘conflict antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria (and funds terror)   846 words    by Sam Hardy   Reuters

Teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns    2,111 words    by Valerie Strauss    The Washington Post

The Economic Impact of School Suspensions     1,290 words     by Lucia Graves     Atlantic

How the world loved the swastika – until Hitler stole it    1,476 words    by Mukti Jain Campion    BBC Magazine

Ben Bradlee, Washington Editor and Watergate Warrior    3066 words   by Marilyn Berger    The New York Times

Nothing is wrong with Renee Zellweger’s face     848 words    by Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy    The Guardian

The Intelligent Life of the City Raccoon    1,132 words     by Jude Isabella    Nautilus

Top 10 Toilets Through Time    A visual essay    by Amy Commander     English Heritage

Amazon’s Monopsony Is Not O.K.   989 words    by Paul Krugman    The New York Times

The Danger of the Monster Myth    2,456 words   by Tom Meagher   White Ribbon Campaign

That’s me in the picture: Kevin Berthia on the Golden Gate bridge   717 words   by Abigail Radnor   The Guardian

It Takes HOW Much Water to Grow an Avocado?!   995 words    by Tom Philpott   Mother Jones

The Diversity of Islam    984 words    by Nicholas Kristof     The New York Times

The top ten artworks you must see in real life    2,021 words   Steve Meacham    Traveller

If great architecture belongs to humanity, do we have a responsibility to save it in wartimes?   1,937 words   by Jeff Sparrow    The Guardian

What’s the Point of a First Lady?   1,633 words   by Scarlet Neath    The Atlantic

Parents, put down the cellphones   852 words    by Jane Scott    The Washington Post

Young blood: From teen-targeting vampires to Lady Báthory’s bloodbaths    2,900 words    by Jess Zimmerman     Aeon

The Importance of Friendship Diversity    979 words    by Ann Friedman    New York Magazine

Hillary Clinton presidency would spark a backlash   1,336 words    by Chloe Angyal    The Sydney Morning Herald

I Like All Music (Really)   1,905 words    by Gillian Turnbull     Hazlitt

How history’s boldest women embraced vulnerability    2,011 words     By Melissa Benn    The New Statesman

Learning to Love Criticism   1,119 words    by Tara Mohr    The New York Times

‘I lost a job because of my tattoos’    1,117 words     by staff     BBB Magazine

Witness for the prosecution: those who are called to give evidence   2,508 words    by Diane Armstrong    The Saturday Paper

Interview with Lan Cao, author of “The Lotus and the Storm”    Los Angeles Review of Books

How little bees take on enormous hornets   This a visual essay   by Nikola Tesla Dood & Sarah Donner    The Oatmeal

Will cancer-sniffing dogs lose their jobs to a machine?    1,075 words    by Mori Rothman    PBS News Hour

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life    1,661 words   by Raymmar Tirado    Medium

How Stephen King Teaches Writing    2,393 words    by Jessica Lahey    The Atlantic

Read Slowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress    944 words    by Jeanne Whalen    The Wall Street Journal

This Afghan Policewoman Died Fighting the Taliban    577 words   by Elizabeth Gettelman     Mother Jones

The Union is saved – but at what cost?    2,605 words    by Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth    The Spectator

Ariana Grande is on the brink of a major image problem   1,492 words    by Emily Yahr    The Washington Post

Kenya Has Its Own Machu Picchu—the Lost Town of Gedi    659 words   by Nina Strochlic    The Daily Beast

How Many Foreign Fighters Have Joined ISIS?    1,029 words   by Anna Altman    The New York Times

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